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The company Lasse was founded from actions developed at the Itaipu Technological Park, which seek to develop solutions using technology, knowledge and innovation. With that, the company fits in as a technology-based organization.

Currently, Lasse is coming to the market to solve problems related to industrial automation and wants to increase the productivity and profitability of companies, using the best that technology can provide, combining knowledge, experience and innovation.


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Active Areas

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Automation for
critical installations

Development of industry 4.0 solutions for application in the areas of Energy, Agribusiness, Food, Beverage and Pharmaceuticals

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Development of solutions in digital electronics and embedded software with a focus on product nationalization

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Development of solutions in control, automation, communication and energy management systems applied to Microgrids and Electromobility

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Testing, measurement
and commissioning

Development of customized solutions for testing, measuring and commissioning industrial assets

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Development of solutions in intelligent systems applied to industry 4.0, predictive and preventive maintenance