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We know that productivity is very important to you and that quality must come first. Therefore, our commitment is to be at your side in the search for cost, risk and loss reduction, ensuring a more assertive management of the entire production process.

We develop industrial automation solutions to work in critical and highly complex segments. Our specialized team treats each project as unique, dedicating the highest technical level to finding the solutions that deliver the best result for each client.

Our purpose is to solve challenges with creativity.

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Active Areas

Ícone Automação
Automation for
critical installations

Development of industry 4.0 solutions for application in the areas of Energy, Agribusiness, Food, Beverage and Pharmaceuticals

Ícone Automação

Development of solutions in digital electronics and embedded software with a focus on product nationalization

Ícone Automação

Development of solutions in control, automation, communication and energy management systems applied to Microgrids and Electromobility

Ícone Automação
Testing, measurement
and commissioning

Development of customized solutions for testing, measuring and commissioning industrial assets

Ícone Automação

Development of solutions in intelligent systems applied to industry 4.0, predictive and preventive maintenance



  • Team of experts
  • Product Delivery
  • Certified Professionals
  • Custom deliveries
  • Environment for testing and
    Product testing
  • Break of dependence
  • Development of
    specific training
  • High-level
    technical documentation
  • Project Management and
    Knowledge Management
  • Project continuity